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Lee N Price

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Lee N Price
Lee N Price
Lee N Price
Lee N Price
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A Little Bit About Lee!

Lee was born and raised in Ramat Gan, Israel before moving to Westchester, New York at the young age of 3. Some would describe Lee as a campy, tap dancing, titanic loving, fried chicken eating, Patti LuPone obsessing, occasional Croc wearing lovable goofball. Post graduation from Baldwin Wallace University, where Lee earned a BM in Music Theatre with an Arts Management Minor, Lee signed with Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates (KMR) and is currently haunting the United States in the Ensemble and as the cover for Beetlejuice and Otho on the First National Tour of the Broadway hit "Beetlejuice: The Musical". 

P.s. Lee loves talking in the third person

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Beetlejuice - BEETLEJUICE

On the night that I saw the show, however, I was introduced to Lee N Price, who was an absolute delight. Price’s vision of the character, while antagonistic in the script, was a far more sympathetic character than I had anticipated. I only have the film and cartoon to compare to (once again, damn you, COVID, for robbing me of the initial Broadway show), but I truly enjoyed Price’s talent on stage. It was his softer caricature that made the vulgar and rude line deliveries that much more comical. I might be biased given that this actor grew up in Westchester, New York, like I did, but he did a damn good job of taking on the role of the infamous ghost, and I look forward to seeing his career on stage flourish. - Amanda M. Gordon "Twin Cities Geek"

The matinee performances featured understudy Lee N. Price (Beetlejuice). Price’s portrayal of Beetlejuice was hilariously outlandish, not missing a beat when it came to comedic timing. He brought an almost youthful energy to the character. - Kylie Portz "Iowa State Dailey"


From the ranks of the uniformly energetic and truly exceptional ensemble, Lee N Price is quite a surprise as a schleppy pizza delivery guy who, despite his size, suddenly breaks out in a tap dance that would make the ghost of Gregory Hines sit up and notice. - Travis Michael Holder "Ticket Holders LA"

Miss Great Plains/Tawny-Jo - PAGEANT: THE MUSICAL

My favorite parts were definitely the varied expressions of artistic talent. . . I do have to say that, in my humble opinion, the tiara goes to Lee Price’s Miss Great Plains. Her acted out poetry recitation called “I am the Land” was nothing short of hysterical. Mr. Price’s cowgirl contestant was a riot. And just when you think you’ve had enough of her, Mr. Price surprises us with even more a little later on in the show. - Bill Moloney "Sullivan County Democrat"

Max Detweiler - THE SOUND OF MUSIC

Lee Price commands the stage, radiating positive energy in his highly flamboyant character of Max, an over-the-top performance that totally works for this character, enhancing the quality of the show. - Sean Fallon “”


Lee Price as "Narrator" leads us through the intertwined fairy tales with the air of such a congenial fellow we felt a bit sorry when he left the scenes. - Laura Kennelly "CoolCleveland"

Michael/Doctor - MATILDA

Michael (played by Lee Price, who nearly steals the show) - Bob Abelman “Cleveland Jewish News”

Angel/Referee - KINKY BOOTS

The Angels (Mateus Cardoso, Nick Cortazzo, Kyle Elliot, Nic Hermick, Charles Miller and Lee Price) were as good as the dancers in the three other productions of the show that I’ve seen. Congrats to Gregg Daniels and dance captain Charles Miller for molding the group into a dancing machine. - Roy Berko “CoolCleveland”

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